Custom Courses

Custom Training Sessions are designed to teach QuickBooks users in your company or association how to best use the program for your business or organization.  The training follows the Classroom Outline but is completely customizable based on your needs.

Pricing for Custom training depends on how many participants you have, starting at $300 + HST each.  Greater discounts offered the more people that are involved.

One-on-One sessions are designed specifically with your needs in mind.  We talk about what you need QuickBooks to do, what you need to learn, and focus our teaching on those areas.  We use the classroom Course Outline as a guideline to set up the session, leaving out areas you don’t need, and adding in detail you do.   I’m sure you will find it quite comprehensive!

One-on-One Training session are$300+ HST for a 1/2 day session and $500 + HST for a full day session. 

QuickBooks Premier 2015 – Level 1

Introduction to QuickBooks Pro

  • Home Window
  • Using Menu Bar, Icon Bar and Navigators
  • Open Window List
  • Backing up Company Data.

Easy Step Interview Window

  • Understanding Easy Step Interview window
  • How to setup a company
  • Understanding Preference options

Users and Security

  • Turning Multi-user option ON
  • Setting up Users
  • Granting/Restricting access to new users.

Accounts Payable

  • Adding a New Vendor
  • Entering Bills (Vendor’s invoices)
  • Entering Credits
  • Generating Vendors and Payable Reports
  • Dealing with Discounts
  • Paying Bills
  • Printing Cheques.

Accounts Receivable

  • Entering Items
  • Adding a New Customer
  • Entering Credit Sales
  • Entering Cash Sales
  • Printing Invoices
  • Generating Customers and Receivable Reports
  • Recording Customer Receipts

Dealing with Customer Payments

  • Applying one payment to multiple jobs
  • Entering overpayments
  • Handling Down/Prepayments

Making Deposits

  • Tracing amounts to be deposited
  • Make Deposit window
  • Cash Back while depositing funds

Bank Reconciliation

  • Help in Reconciling an Account
  • Understanding Reconciliation Process
  • Processing Bank Reconciliation
  • Generating Reports on Reconciliation

QuickBooks Premier 2015 – Level 2

Creating Memorized Transactions

  • Remind Me & Automatically Enter options

Estimating and Progress Invoicing


  • Setting up Inventory
  • Entering products into inventory
  • Ordering products
  • Receiving inventory
  • Entering a bill for inventory
  • Manually adjusting inventory
  • Units of Measure
  • Build assemblies

Tax Returns/Remittances

  • Overview of tax handling in QuickBooks
  • Setting up tax rates
  • Applying tax to each transaction
  • Determining what you owe
  • Paying the tax agencies


  • Setting up Payroll
  • Running Payroll
  • Generating Reports on Payroll
  • Paying Payroll Liabilities

Advanced Payroll Transactions

  • Recording Employee Time on a Weekly
  • Timesheets
  • Invoicing a customer based on time
  • Recording non-employee time worked


Analyzing Financial Data – Reports

  • Creating and Customizing Preset Reports

Miscellaneous Items

  • Merging and Exploring Account Listing
  • Writing QuickBooks Letters
  • Personalizing QuickBooks Forms